Grass Valley Edius Pro 9.3 päivitys julkaistiin IBC-messuilla. Crossrade -kampanja

Grass Valley julkaisi IBC-messuilla Grass Valley Edius Pro 9.3 päivityksen, minkä voivat Edius 9 omistajat ladata veloituksetta hetimiten. Päivitys sisältää useapia pienempiä päivityksiä ja uudistuksia mistä näet listauksen alta.

Grass Valley Edius 9 Pro:sta julkistettiin myös Crossrade -kampanja, mikä tarkoittaa, että muun editointiohjelman omistavat saavat hankkia Crossrade -päivityksen edullisesti 369€ + alv hintaan. Tuotesivulle

Lisäksi Edius 9 ostajille annetaan nyt lisäksi mukaan NewblueFX Titler 5 tekstitysohjelmiston lisäksi! Kampanja koskee myös päivitysversioita!

Edius 9.3 uudet ominaisuudet

Closed caption display
New features include the closed caption display, which allows subtitles to be switched on and off as needed. The subtitles are not burned into the image but are part of the metadata in the video stream. This provides the flexibility desired by users.

50/60p timecode display
Recording in 50/60p – also in UHD – is becoming increasingly popular and EDIUS has always supported these frame rates. As of version 9.30, EDIUS now also introduces the 50/60p timecode display. The frames are numbered from 0 to 49 or 59 respectively.

RED Raw decoding GPU support
EDIUS provides intuitive and fast color correction tools, making it ideal for editing scenic work, which is often recorded in raw format. In addition to Sony Raw and Canon Raw, EDIUS 9.30 now also provides full GPU acceleration for RED Raw.

Extended optical flow options
As the first editing software ever, EDIUS 8.30 was able to calculate convincing slow motion and frame rate conversions in real time. EDIUS 9.30 now also offers the opportunity to individually adapt various parameters in order to optimize the image analysis and interpolation of the respective image material. The result is a quality increase in slow motion and frame rate conversion.

Extension of the exporter
In addition to new added formats, the exporter now offers up to four standard settings instead of one. The user can thus export even faster in the typical formats used and also create keyboard shortcuts and buttons for these. This applies both to the individual file output and to the batch export, in which several files are exported at once.

Coloured markers and other innovations
“We are very pleased that the EDIUS development team has been able to implement valuable suggestions from both the news and the creative sector in this free 9.30 update”, explains Michael Lehmann-Horn, CEO at magic multi media GmbH and Grass Valley EDIUS distributor. “This ranges from the implementation of additional colours for sequence and clip markers for a better organization of the footage, via the extension of the supported video formats to the implementation of individual customer requests.”

ProDAD Vitascene V3 LE free until the end of the year
Starting with IBC there is a special campaign in Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) running until the end of this year. Anyone purchasing EDIUS 9 from 14th September 2018 will receive the high-quality video effects program ProDAD Vitascene V3 LE worth 167€ as a free bonus. Existing EDIUS 9 customers have the possibility to buy Vitascene V3 LE for just 39€.

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