JVC GY-LS300CHE, GY-HM200E ja GY-HM170E firmware v.2 nyt ladattavissa!

JVC julkaisi IBC-messuilla merkittävän v.2 päivityksen kevyille 4K-kamerolille. Päivitys sisältää paljon merkittäviä parannuksia kameroihin ja on nyt saatavilla osoitteesta:
Päivitys vaatii kameran rekisteröinnin.

Ps. Meiltä löydät nämä JVC-kamerat suoraan varastosta!

New function for                                                                                                                           LS300          HM200 / 170


DCI 4K recording 4096×2160 23.98 / 24P                                                             YES

DCI 2K recording 2048×1080 23.98 / 24P                                                             YES

Cinematographic recordings


70Mbit mode DCI4K or UHD                                                                                YES                                    YES

It may happen that you love to shoot in 4K or UHD

would like give you more picture information and details but
unfortunately no SDXC UHS 1 U3 memory card

has available, but now there is the 70MBit mode of it

allows 4K recording to Class 10 SDHC/SDXC card.

From impression of quality corresponding to a  HD Recording

in 35 Mbit mode, so still very good.


Histrogram                                                                                                                                     YES                                    YES

Improved exposure adjustment Thanks Histogram

By popular request of our customers, this function could

be implemented, it can be activated in the Display menu



Spot Meter                                                                                                                                     YES

It was also a spot meter requested  thats now over the function menu by

User keys are added for the LS300 activated.

The function is the same as in the HM6X0 series


ColorMatrix & Black Paint                                                                                    YES

For color optimization for working with the LS300 is now

In the Process menu by an adjustable Graphical color matrix

and a Black Paint function established.



New function for                                                                                                     LS300                                                       HM200 / 170



Digital Zoom by VSM                                                                        YES

Digital zoom for fixed focal lengths lenses!

sounds a bit weird, but is very useful just when times

not one hundred percent fit on the focal length.

The LS300 can indeed by our VSM (Variable Scan mapping)

Mode Adjust optics matching to the scan area optimally, so that other optics design for

Sensor formats can be used.

Now  this feature it is quite use as a digital zoom via a full-frame optics.

This feature can be easily on the Zoom button set !!.

(Function Menu)

Here’s a little hint on the edge, it is also possible to zoom switch

to be used for focusing, if this is permitted by the optics.



JVC LOG Gamma                                                                                                  YES

A new gamma mode for cinematographic recordings (JVC Log)

with a 800-percentage dynamic range has been set-up in the Gamma

integrated. This expands the possibilities in the subsequent POST



4K25p / 30p — out 1920×1080 / 25p, 29,97p              YES                                                         YES

4K23,98p     out 1920×1080 / 23.98p                           YES                                                         YES

1080 / 25p, 30p out 1920×1080 / 25p, 29,97p              YES                                                         YES

1080 / 23.98p                     out 1920×1080 / 23.98p                           YES                                                         YES

Video output (HDSDI), change by native output support.

Here are 24/25 / 30P not as previously converted to 60/50, but now

native output.



Zixi Adaptive Bitrate                                                                         YES                                                         YES (HM200)

Live streaming with ZIXI, now also available with Adaptive Bitrate



FAST FTP (ZIXI)                                                                                                   YES                                                          YES (HM200)

ZIXI FTP support, makes over the Zixi cloud service itself

realize a slightly faster FTP, just in poor

Network Connections



FTP Resume                                                                                                                                  YES                                                          YES (HM200)

FTP Resume, important if the network connection is lost.

FTP must not be transferred completely the data again,

If the service supports the Resume mode, the data from

Termination date put back





New function for                                                                                                     LS300                                                       HM200 / 170


APN check and set-up mobile radio networks          YES                                                         YES (HM200)

Mobile connections, APN control and adjustment

The APN function allows the connection parameters of a GSM

To check adapter and correct it if necessary.


Zebra indication                                                                                                       YES                                                          YES

Indication whether Zebra is used.

For this purpose, a small icon on the display or

Viewfinder appears.



Gain / shutter / white / Iris / indication
in AUTO Mode                                                                                                        YES

When HM170 / 200 is in automatic mode, neither

Gain / Iris / Shutter or color temperature display, this was

now changed! The function must set- up in the display settings

of the display menu are activated.


Multicast Address Support                                                               YES                                                         YES (HM200)

Live Streaming Multicast addresses support

it can in UDP streaming mode now also multicast addresses

be entered.


NEW Streaming Resolution added                            YES                                                         YES (HM200)

Live Streaming resolution changes

For improved live streaming such as YouTube

in low resolutions, the following changes were


480×270 at 0.2 Mbps has been removed for a Progressive

Resolution of 640 x 360 are added from 0.3 to 3 Mbps



Function of regulator
IRIS IRIS / SHUTTER / AE                                                                                  YES                                                          YES

Iris control, advanced function:

By Iris controller front, also optional shutter and AE can now be set

To be in manual mode by pressing a button IRIS / SHUTTER SPEED or AE

willing to adjust.


New function for                                                                                                                           LS300                                 HM200 / 170


Other improvements:


HDMI trigger for external recording systems                                     YES                                                          YES

HDMI timecode output for external recording systems                     YES                                                          YES

Image enhancement with blue LED stage lighting platforms

the typically negative due to their wavelength

Who affect the recording.                                                                                         YES                                                          YES

Improving image quality at high gain in dark

Environment (18dB plus)                                                                                          YES                                                          YES

Clip Continuous Recording in AVCHD mode                                   YES                                                          YES

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